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10 August 2008 @ 12:27 am
Day 1 Round Up  
Well if this was Day 1 and I guess we've had it.


Lovely work and not a cock up in sight (that I saw on my telecast anyway). Looks like the Fredericks from Australia might have this competition in the bag, Lucinda and Headley Brittania are my favourites anyway. They’re no Matt Ryan and Kibah Tic Toc, but they’ll do.


Looking for another name for torture? Men’s road race would be it. It might be hard on the legs, okay, it is hard on the legs, but I don’t think the package has much fun either. Felt sorry for Michael Rogers, he was my pick, but Spain’s Sanchez deserved it too.


Well, there is a pool, and where there is a pool well muscled types with gills are all trying hard to be better and faster than anyone else. It’s odd that this time the finals are in the morning and the heats are at night but what can you do.


I’m not happy with what I’ve seen so far, I want to see the british or the Canadians and all I’ve gotten to see are the Chinese and Japanese really. Though I did see a nasty fall from the rings, Konstantin Pluzhnikov went kersplatty and landed on his head. But luckily he got up and walked away.

They were the big ones, the also rans that we watched a little of? Boxing, Badminton, Beach Volleyball and Rowing. All of which were good enough to watch but nothing spectacular….yet.

All I can say? Bring on the Greco Roman Wrestling, we all need a good sweaty man grapple, and maybe even a squirrel hold or two.

Medal Tally (top 10)

China 2,0,0
USA 1,1,1
Korea 1,1,0
Czech Republic 1,0,0
Spain 1,0,0
Romania 1,0,0
Austria 0,1,0
Cuba 0,1,0
Italy 0,1,0
Russian Fed 0,1,0
divinemadamdivinemadam on August 9th, 2008 03:01 pm (UTC)
You are such an Olympics junkie. It makes me laugh. I've always thought that the cycling would be rough on men. I know that when I ride a bike for an extended amount of time, my rear starts going numb. If the ponderous girth that is my butt goes numb after riding for a while, I can only imagine what it would be like for those sensitive areas that don't have as much cushion. Yeesh!